Have you ever been confused when in comes to buying drumsticks? Do you know the difference between a barrel tip and a tear drop tip?

Why not download my **FREE** drumstick guide. I've put this guide together to give you some hints and tips on what to look for and what to think about when buying a pair of drumsticks.

Us drummers are athletes. And as such, warm-ups are very important.

In the same way that athletes go through their warm-up routines before doing their workouts, drummers should also warm-up. This will not only help avoid injury, but also, when fingers and wrists are warmed up, your going to get the best out of your practice session or perform better on the gig.

I've created a **FREE** two-part Warm-Up series that you can download to either use as your Warm-Up routine or to add to your existing Warm-Up routine.

Do you need some manuscript paper?

Look no further!! Click the button below to download **FREE** manuscript paper

Inverted Paradiddle Course

The inverted paradiddle is a great rudiment to use in drum fills. For those that don't know what the Inverted Paradiddle is, this rudiment is the one with the diddle in the middle - so RLLR LRRL.

Here's the first of a series of courses for applying rudiments to the drum kit. Click the button to purchase this first course for just £1

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Julian is a Session Drummer, Percussionist and Educator. He is available for Drum Tracks, Sessions and Lessons. Julian follows the Rockschool and Guildhall Trinity sylabuses.

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